Top 3 Best Toshiba Laptops to Buy in 2018

It’s likely that you’ve already gone ahead and checked Amazon or online stores for the best laptop.

But since you’re spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars for the best Toshiba laptop, you want to make sure you’re getting the right one for you.

So which among the Toshiba laptop is good value for your money?

This is what the guide is for: to provide you with all the things you need to become an informed shopper.

Afterall, an informed shopper is a happy shopper

IMPORTANT NOTE: Toshiba no longer makes consumer laptops and has shifted focus to business systems. Our list below should guide you accordingly so you would pick the best Toshiba laptop for your budget and needs.

If you want to check out other brands with newer model, see our collection of  laptops by brand.

Reviews for the Best Toshiba Laptop 2018

Best entry level laptop

For regular office work, business use, Netflix, and regular browsing, this is what I would recommend.

This has a 5th gen Intel Core i3 processor that’s great for entry-level use.

It has more than enough processing speed for most office and regular use. Not to mention that this has a touch screen that’s responsive and can be rotated 360 degrees.

Its 14” screen size also makes it lightweight. This means regardless if you’ll use it in laptop mode or tablet mode, there shouldn’t be any compromise.

It also has a great battery life and could go for 5-7 hours, depending on how power hungry the task you’re using.

The keyboards don’t really offer a mechanical feel to it and do lack a numerical keypad.

Overall, this is a great laptop for basic use and a recommended grab for entry-level users.

Best mid-range power laptop

For maximum portability and use, this is what I personally recommend.

Not only that is one among the laptops in the market with the longest battery life but this 15.6-inch laptop can also be rotated 360 degrees to become a tablet.

It has a 7th gen Intel Core i5 processor, an 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD storage to process tasks lightning fast.

The fact that you can rotate it makes it convenient enough to not just use it for office task and work but for watching movies on Netflix. It’s keyboard lack a numerical keypad and is just like any other laptop keyboards.

This also comes with a pen to make digital signing, drawing, and other tasks it may come useful fairly easy.

Best high-end laptop

If tablet mode isn’t that important to you and you’re good with the clam-type design, this lightweight Toshiba Portege Z30 should be perfect.

It has a 6th gen Core i7 Intel processor, the fastest among the laptop we have on the list. If you wish to do professional editing and processor hungry tasks such as video editing, this should give you the power you need.

The fact that this is paired with a 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM is what makes it a beast.

This doesn’t have a numerical keypad or any mechanical feel but this has a backlit keyboard to make sure you don’t miss out any keys when typing in dim areas.

So if money isn’t an issue, then I’d say skip the first one on the list and choose between this and the 2nd Toshiba laptop we have on the list.

Things to Consider when Buying a Laptop

When choosing a laptop, there are only 5 key features that you really need to check: Form Factor and Size, Screen Quality, Keyboard Quality, Battery Life, CPU.

One of the main key points that will determine whether or not the laptop is right for you is its size and form factor.

Laptops today don’t usually come with the traditional clam-type design as there laptops that can be folded back or detached from the keyboard.

If portability is a must, go with a laptop that’s lesser than 15” or anything that’s marked as an Ultrabook. A laptop that can be detached or folded back is also great.

You’ll be staring at the laptop for many hours so might as well choose one that your eyes are comfortable with.

I’d personally recommend you go with a laptop that doesn’t have a touchscreen unless you really need it. Touchscreen laptops are designed with a glossy screen and reflections on screens aren’t really nice to look at.

Regardless, it depends on whether a touchscreen laptop is necessary for you or not.

You want to go with a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard layout and full-sized keys. Some keyboards may not have numerical keypads but it all boils down to personal preference.

No matter the case, it should be responsive and snappy to make typing a breeze. Choose a keyboard that has is backlit to make sure you’re not missing any keys as you type.

The keyboard quality is something you need not skimp on, especially if your primary use is typing.

In most cases, smaller laptops have better battery life compared to larger laptops due to it being that smaller laptops have lower voltages. But this isn’t always the case.

If you don’t usually have access to a wall socket or perhaps you usually travel long hours, prioritizing a laptop with a better battery life is a must.

The CPU of the laptop is what determines how fast a task is processed.

If you want to get a laptop for general browsing, office work, or Netflix, an Intel Core i3 usually makes up for the processing needs.

Go with an Intel Core i5 if you wish to use it for a more-advanced processing task or an Intel Core i7 if you wish to buy a laptop for professional editing and content creation tasks.


With all these things in mind, I really hope you’re now ready to make a selection.

The key to choosing the best Toshiba laptop or any laptop at all is not to get overwhelmed with all the options you could find. It’s all about focusing on the things that’s best for your needs.

Keep these things in mind to make sure you’re not making any bad purchase at the end of the day.

Are you having problems choosing which among the list is for you? Tell us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Which laptop among the list you decided to get? Share your thoughts down below.

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