The Best HP Laptops of 2018 – Top 3 Choices To Buy

You know it’s hard picking a laptop to invest in and I’m sure you’re confused right now.

If that’s the case, fret no more as we got you covered.

We know just how hard it is to pick the right HP laptop and this is why we decided to come up with a comprehensive HP laptop buying guide – just for you!

Read more below to see our top picks for the best HP laptop this 2018.


You don’t have to check every feature of every HP laptop you find on Amazon and other shopping sites online!

It’s all about knowing what to check and look at.

In fact, you only need to check 5 features to pick the right one for you:

  1. Your Needs
  2. Budget
  3. CPU
  4. Form Factor
  5. Battery Life

So get a pen and paper as we discuss each of these below!


Among the key factors that will ultimately determine which laptop is best for you is to know your needs.

We all have our own reasons why we want to get a laptop so make sure you know yours.

Some want to get an HP laptop for general office use while others want to use it for regular browsing and Netflix. Moreover, there are gamers who want to play games on-the-go on a laptop.

Keep this in mind to make sure you get to choose the right one from the list we have below.


Yet another consideration that will likely determine your selection is how much you are willing to pay for an HP laptop.

Know how much you are willing to pay for and know your limits. Others choose to go over the set budget knowing that “it’s just a few dollars anyway”.

But there’d be no sense setting a budget if you don’t follow your limits. So if wish to invest $500 tops, you shouldn’t get a laptop that cost $505.

Setting your budget should right away narrow down your selection and should give you the best value for your money.


The CPU is what’s responsible for processing tasks. Always aim for a faster processor when possible.

Ideally, you should get an entry-level Core i3 laptop if you wish to use it only for browsing, social media, Netflix, and some basic tasks.

This article is aimed to provide you the best experience on a laptop so we present you 2 HP laptops on our list that are installed with a Core i7 processor. We’ll talk about these shortly below.


Don’t forget that laptops come in a variety of form.

A general rule of thumb when buying a laptop is to always consider portability and convenience.

If you use a laptop mostly on a desk, I suggest you go get a traditional clam-type designed laptop.

On the other hand, if you really need to get things done on-the-go, I personally recommend you get a laptop that can be folded back, or one that you can detach from the keyboard.

Check our HP Spectre X360 below if you aim for maximum portability.


This is another determining factor why you know why you need to know your needs before you get a laptop.

Battery life varies greatly from one laptop to another. If you’re an avid gamer, you want to get a laptop with a really good battery life.

If you use your laptop regularly but can’t easily have access to a wall socket, a laptop with a longer battery life should do you wonders.

Depending on how you use the laptop is what determines whether or not this is a matter you need to prioritize.



For those who are looking for an entry-level laptop they could use for general office tasks, I highly recommend you get this.

It has an AMD Quad-Core E2-7110 APU. It may not be that much but it should be enough to provide the processing speed needed to do daily tasks.

Not only that this has a resolution of 1920×1080 but it also utilizes an IPS panel. This means color production and depth is perfect for editing videos and images.

This also has a battery life of 5 hours and 15 minutes so you can go without worries of having to recharge anytime soon.

It may only have a 32GB eMMc storage but since most of the office tasks are done online, this shouldn’t be a problem. You can always get a new storage anytime in the future if you need more space anyway.

If you’re looking for an entry-level HP laptop, this is it.


A Core i7-7500U laptop with a 256GB SSD storage and 8GB RAM that’s priced under $1000.

Not only that but this also has a 1080p resolution on an IPS screen panel.

Speed, screen quality, and a battery life of 9 hours and 15 minutes should give you going with the peace of mind of not having to recharge anytime soon.

I personally recommend you check this out and skip the first one if you wish to do intermediate tasks with advanced photo and video editing tasks.


If portability is what really matters to you, I personally recommend you get the HP Spectre X360 and skip the other 2 on our list.

Not only that this has an Intel Core i7-7500U processor but it also comes with 512GB SSD and 16GB of RAM. This means everything is lightning fast!

You can fold the laptop to completely turn it to a tablet at your disposal. This is perfect for on-the-go all-around daily productivity and work.

If you can afford it, skip the 2 above and settle with this – our personal choice!

Final Words

It’s all about knowing what your needs are to effectively make the right selection.

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the options you would find and focus on the things you need. Bear in mind the key points we have discussed and you shouldn’t have any regrets at the end of the day.

Which among the list you think is best for you?

Are you having problems which among the list you should get? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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